• Dry metal bath concentrator
  • DHN200-1
  • Temperature control range: room temperature +5℃ ~ 150℃, with 12 airway control switches.
  • DHN200-1
  • Dry metal bath concentrator
  • Temperature control range: room temperature +5℃ ~ 150℃, with 12 airway control switches.
Nitrogen concentrator, also known as nitrogen blow concentrator or nitrogen blow dryer, is mainly used for the concentration or preparation of large quantities of samples under anaerobic conditions. It is widely used in industries such as pesticide residue analysis, commodity inspection, food, environment, pharmaceuticals, and biological products. The nitrogen concentrator adopts microcomputer control technology, and the heating is achieved through high-purity aluminum as the heating medium, which heats up quickly and achieves more accurate temperature control. The DHN200 model can handle 12 sets of samples simultaneously, and the manufacturer also provides various types of nitrogen concentrators, such as water bath nitrogen concentrator, circular nitrogen concentrator, and visible nitrogen concentrator, etc., which customers can choose according to their own needs.
"Multiresidue Rapid Screening Method (MRSM) for Pesticides in Agricultural Products and Environment" is an international advanced agricultural science and technology project introduced and implemented by the Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development in Agriculture of the Ministry of Agriculture and the General Station of Agricultural Environment Monitoring of the Ministry of Agriculture. The "Detection Method of Melamine in Raw Milk and Milk Products" GB/T 22388-2008 issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China and the Standardization Administration of China on 2008-10-07 requires the use of a nitrogen blow-drying instrument for the pretreatment of melamine in milk and other dairy products: see section 3.3 of this detection method for the instruments and equipment used.

Product Features
1. Each blowing needle can be controlled independently to avoid cross-contamination.
2. The height of the instrument's air chamber can be adjusted, and it is equipped with a standard gas needle with a length of 15cm.
3. DHN200 nitrogen blower has 12 airway control switches to save gas. The position of each blowing needle can be independently changed to adapt to different sample containers and sample positions.
4. When concentrating toxic solvents, the entire system can be placed in a fume hood to reduce danger.
5. Built-in over-temperature protection device, automatic fault detection and alarm function, convenient and practical.
6. The instrument has an LED display screen, which synchronously displays temperature and time decrement, allowing real-time observation of temperature changes.
7. The dry nitrogen blower has more uniform temperature and faster heating speed.
8. This product can also be used as a general dry constant temperature device.
9. DHN200 is a dry nitrogen blower, which is easier to use and can achieve a temperature of up to 150°C, making it better for sample concentration.

Application areas
Analysis of pesticide residues: such as vegetables, fruits, grains, and plant tissues;
Environmental analysis: such as drinking water, groundwater, and polluted water samples;
Biological analysis: such as hormone analysis, sample preparation in liquid, gas and mass spectrometry analysis;
Food and beverage analysis: such as milk, wine, beer, etc;
Pharmaceutical testing: such as traditional Chinese medicine, drug screening.

Technical Parameters  
Model: DHN200-1
Temperature control range: Room temperature +5℃ ~ 150℃
Heating up time: ≤ 30 minutes (from 20℃ to 100℃)
Temperature stability (at @100~150℃): ≤ ±1℃
Temperature stability (at @40~100℃): ≤ ±0.5℃
Maximum temperature difference of module @40℃: 0.3℃
Module temperature uniformity: ≤ ±0.5℃
Temperature display accuracy: 0.1℃
Longest timing: 99h59min
Maximum temperature: 150℃
Maximum power: 300W
Product size: 260×220×85mm
Product weight: ≤ 2.95kg

Module Model Selection      
Model Test tube diameter Number of test tubes Module size
DT01 6mm 42 95.5×76.5×50
DT02 7mm 42 95.5×76.5×50
DT03 10mm 20 95.5×76.5×50
DT04 12mm 24 95.5×76.5×50
DT05 13mm 20 95.5×76.5×50
DT06 15mm 12 95.5×76.5×50
DT07 16mm 12 95.5×76.5×50
DT08 19mm 12 95.5×76.5×50
DT09 20mm 6 95.5×76.5×50
DT10 26mm 6 95.5×76.5×50
DT11 28mm 4 95.5×76.5×50
DT12 40mm 4 95.5×76.5×50
DT13 0.5ml 48 95.5×76.5×50
DT14 1.5ml 24 95.5×76.5×50
DT15 2.0ml 24 95.5×76.5×50
DT16 0.2ml 48 78×114×26
DT17 Flat plate 96-well ELISA plate 81×123×19
DT18 Customizable Customizable Customizable

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