• High-throughput cryogenic grinder
  • High-throughput cryogenic grinder
  • Maximum processing capacity within 15 seconds while being able to process 48 samples simultaneously.
DHFSTPRP-CL48 High-throughput cryogenic grinder is a special, fast, high-efficiency, multi-tube homogenization system that extracts and purifies raw DNA, RNA, and proteins from any source, including soil, plant and animal tissues/organs, bacteria, yeast, fungi, spores, and paleontological specimens.
Product Features
1. Time and labor-saving
2. High speed and convenience
3. High throughput sample processing
4. Good experimental reproducibility
5. Samples are in a fully enclosed state with no cross-contamination
6. Low noise ≤55db: using a brushless frequency conversion motor
7. No involvement of liquid nitrogen operation, high safety
8. Design with no vulnerable parts, with electromagnetic locking protection
9. Stainless steel chamber, easy to clean and disinfect
10. No need for regular maintenance

Technical Features
· Adjustable cooling
· Fast cooling speed
· Large grinding capacity
· Good grinding effect
· Fully enclosed grinding
· Stable repeatability
· Program can be saved

Product Applications
Sample for Grinding:
1. Plant Tissues: roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, etc.
2. Animal Tissues: brain, heart, lung, stomach, liver, thymus, kidney, intestine, lymph nodes, muscle, bones, etc.
3. Fungi and Bacteria: yeast, E. coli, etc.
4. Food and Medicine: various food, pills, etc.
5. Volatile Samples: coal, oil shale, wax products, etc.
6. Plastics and Polymers: PE, PS, textiles, resins, etc.
·Nucleic Acid/Protein Extraction
Low-temperature grinding of samples can effectively inhibit nucleic acid degradation and preserve protein activity.
·Analysis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
There are often significant differences between isomers of drug active ingredients. Low-temperature grinding can prevent molecular degradation due to pressure and heat.
·Reducing Sample Volatility
Low-temperature grinding can significantly reduce sample volatility and more completely retain the content of sample components.
·Grinding Tough/Hard Samples
For hard-to-grind samples such as tough plastics, high-strength plastics, and resins, low-temperature grinding can greatly improve grinding efficiency and effectiveness.
DHFSTPRP-CL48 High-throughput cryogenic grinder adopts a special vertical up-down integrated vibration mode, which achieves rapid grinding of samples through the high-frequency reciprocating vibration, impact, and shear of grinding beads (zirconia, steel, glass, ceramics). This results in more thorough and uniform grinding of samples, better sample reproducibility, and no cross-contamination between samples.
High Quantity of Operation with Good Effect Highly efficient and rapid operation can be achieved, with the ability to grind 2×24, 2×48, or 4×96 samples in just one minute. This saves time and effort, and reduces differences between batches and within batches. Extracted proteins have higher activity and nucleic acid fragments are longer.
No Cross-Contamination Sample tubes are fully enclosed during the crushing process, and disposable centrifuge tubes and beads can be used. Samples are kept intact in the tubes, avoiding cross-contamination between samples and contamination from the outside environment.
Easy to Operate 1. Built-in program controller for setting grinding time, vibration frequency of the rotor, and other parameters;
2. User-friendly interface.
Good Stability 1. Uses a vertical oscillation mode for more complete grinding and better stability;
2. During instrument operation, the noise level is less than 55dB, which will not interfere with other experiments or instruments.
Convenient for Low-Temperature Operations When a low-temperature grinding environment is needed, the adapter containing the sample can be immersed in liquid nitrogen for 1-2 minutes for cooling, and then quickly fixed to the main unit for grinding. This eliminates the need for additional freezing, saving liquid nitrogen.
Good Reproducibility The same program settings for a given tissue sample yield the same grinding results. The working time is short, and sample temperature does not rise.

Technical Specifications  
Application fields: Organ grinding, homogenization, cell disruption, tissue pulverization, material dispersion, preparation, sample mixing, and oscillation
Processing capacity: Maximum processing capacity of 24 samples in 15 seconds, with integrated compressor cooling
Compatible sample tubes: 48*(0.2-0.5ML) /48*2ML /6*(7-15)ML /2*25ML /2*50ML, various specifications of grinding tubes can be custom-made
Display: Touch screen display for convenient and intuitive operation
Data storage: Can store ten sets of experimental data, with animal heart, spleen, lung, kidney, bone, skin, and hair patterns set according to different experimental samples
Cycle mode: According to the set experimental parameters, it can cycle continuously between several pre-set parameters, further reducing interference from human factors
Shock absorption principle: The innovative shock absorption principle of the German Schleifen-1 working mode and the three-dimensional motion of the up-down and left-right shaking- the innovative movement of the grinding beads, ensuring maximum sample processing and instant crushing effect
Maximum feeding size: No requirement, adjustable according to the adapter
Cooling function: Yes, adjustable from -30°C to 37°C
Temperature control accuracy: + 0.5°C
Open lid operation protection: Electromagnetic lock
Final discharge particle size: ~5μm
Number of grinding platforms: (acceptance of grinding jars) > 2
Fastening device: with automatic center positioning
Homogenization speed: 0~70 Hz/sec, working time: 0 sec~99 min, user-settable
Diameter of grinding balls: 0.1~30mm
Material of grinding balls: alloy steel, chrome steel, zirconium oxide, tungsten carbide, quartz sand
Acceleration: reaches maximum speed within 2 seconds
Deceleration: reaches minimum speed within 2 seconds
Noise level: <55db
Grinding mode: wet grinding, dry grinding, and low-temperature grinding are all possible
Temperature control can be additionally equipped with: the ability to be upgraded to ultra-low temperature liquid nitrogen cooling or air cooling
Material of adapter: polytetrafluoroethylene, alloy steel
Safety instructions: with automatic center positioning and safety lock during operation for full protection
Material of grinding kit: hard alloy, polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon), zirconium oxide
Dimensions: 630*300*480mm
Weight: 58 kg

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